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Masters update: Two months in.

Being on the PME is a bit like boarding a non-stop, high-speed train. If you hop off it, you need to put in a lot of work to catch up (and be able to run extremely fast).

It's been difficult balancing the day-job with college, but I'm down to my final week of work before I become a full-time student. I plan to take full advantage of the extra hours I'll have in my day and this clip of Gromit, laying down tracks ahead of the train, is good example of how I want (and need) to approach the next two months!

Today marks exactly two months since I started the PME with Hibernia. It's easy to see now how April 2022 will come around in the blink of an eye and it makes me mindful of savouring the journey.

When I pictured myself starting the masters I was unsure of what exactly to expect. Whatever I expected, it definitely did not involve starting in a global pandemic! Needless to say it's been a topsy-turvy time.

From getting to grips with working from home, to evening lectures, to finding time to work on assignments - I've learnt a lot about managing my time.

I've really enjoyed the content on the Foundations of Education module. There's a lot of food for thought and I'm trying to soak in as much as I can. Currently my number one advice to fellow students teachers is to be a sponge! 🧽

Five essays submitted yesterday, a deep breath...and it's on to the next sessions!

Visual checklists have been really helpful in keeping me on track and focused.


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