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Resources for School Placement

Placement can be expensive, and it's very easy to get carried away. At the end of the day though, you do not need to spend lots of money or buy lots of materials/resources. Always check first what you can use in the school! For example, most schools will have Maths cupboards so you don't need to be going out buying Maths manipulatives.

On my first placement, I did most of my printing at home...madness! I absolutely burned through ink. Print one copy at home, go in early to photocopy in school. Most classrooms will always have art supplies like clay, paint, coloured paper that you can use - obviously check with your class teacher first, but use what's in the school as much as possible!

The list below is of the more general materials/resources I've found useful on my placements. Some of them are absolutely not necessary though, so I've put an * beside them - always remember that the most important resource in teaching is you!


College Requirements

*This is what was required for my placements, always check your own requirements!

  • Planning folder: Invest in a good folder! On my first placement, my lever arch was falling to pieces by the end of it.

  • Resource folder

  • Resource box

  • Pupil portfolios: Record of all the students work completed with you, can be A4 sheets stapled together but I was willing to pay in order to save a bit of time.


  • Whiteboard markers

  • Elastic bands

  • Binder clips: One of my most used items! For keeping children's work together, worksheets, resources...I use them constantly throughout the day.

  • Hole punch

  • Stapler

  • Blue tack

  • Laminating sheets: Matt is best for displays, as it can be hard for children to see glossy displays on the wall with the sun shining in on them

  • Polypockets

  • Sticky notes


  • A5 notebook: For your own notes, planning etc. - not to be shared with inspector!

  • A5 plastic wallets*: For storing resources

  • Hanging wall file*: I used this on Advanced Placement. Each table had a section and we kept their in-progress folders, finished work portfolios and learning log copybooks in them


  • USB stick: For storing digital resources, PowerPoint etc. Can sometimes also plug into school printers to print off directly from.

  • Wireless doorbell*: To use as an attention-grabber, have mainly used it in younger classes

  • Push-lights*:To use on a noise metre

  • Presentation clicker*: I really find this so useful, as I can walk and talk whilst giving presentations without being stuck beside my laptop. The children also go mad for the laser pointer!

Classroom Management

  • Raffle tickets*: Give to children throughout the week - on task, excellent work, good listening etc. Do a class raffle at the end of the week.

  • Classroom rules poster*

  • Brain break/movement break cards*

Teaching and Learning

  • Mini whiteboards: DIY card and laminate them. Some classrooms will already have these.

  • WALT & WILF sign: For beginning of lessons, to outline what the children will be learning and what is being expected of them

  • Beach ball*: Useful for all subjects, particularly Gaeilge. Can stick on questions etc and have children pass around the ball

  • Early finisher poster/chart*: Write up here what the children should do if they're finished their work

  • Puppet: Such a help with teaching Gaeilge to younger classes - you can model conversations etc. with the puppet!

  • Whistle


  • Little signs with your name and college logo to put beside displays, so that your inspector knows it was you who made it.

  • Ready-made meals, for the nights where you're too tired for any cooking!

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