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Hi there!


I am a newly qualified teacher, having completed my PME at Hibernia College in May 2022. For the 22/23 academic year, I will be teaching 6th class and completing Droichead.

As a primary school student, I spent most of my time writing films and rounding up my classmates to act in them. There were a lot of Harry Potter remakes produced, as well a particularly ambitious re-telling of Pirates of the Caribbean - if you squint enough, the treehouse almost passes as a pirate ship! 

It was no surprise to anyone that I went on to study at the National Film School at IADT. I graduated with a B.A in Film Production in 2014.


After my degree, I worked in the film and television industry for a number of years as a Script Supervisor. My favourite projects were ones that either had children in them or that were created for them. That's when I started to realise film wasn't where I wanted to be, I wanted to be a primary teacher!

About Me

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