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Day in the Life


7:25am - Surprisingly easy getting up. Shows what a good break will do!

7:50am - Off on my bike, it’s been a while so takes a little longer than usual!

8:20am - Arrive at school. Very happy I left my classroom so tidy before the break. Print out what’s needed for the day, there’s a big queue at the photocopier machine. Mental note to try do this the day before instead…

8:40am - I’m on gate duty this week, so off I go to greet all the senior classes as they arrive. This is my least favourite job because I really miss those extra 10mins of prep/planning/tea-making time in the morning! I’m doing it all this week but then it'll be a while before I do it again.

9am - Back to it! Nothing special planned for today. My class need structure and order, and there’s lots to get through this term.

10:40am - Glad of lunchtime! Have made a resolution to always eat in the staffroom this term & not use lunch for doing work.

2:30pm - School over. I’ve a look at tomorrow's plan. As usual, didn’t get through everything I’d pencilled in for today. Music had to be dropped and we’ll do our novel work tomorrow. I do some printing for tomorrow but then the printer gives up on me. I look over today's Maths copies to see who needs more support tomorrow.

3:40pm - Leave for home trying this term to have 3:30pm as my home time. Ambitious to plan for a 3pm leave on Fridays?

4:30pm - Much longer cycle home than usual. Out of practice! Also very windy…I potter about the house.

8pm - Make dinner and sit down to watch some Viking film on Netflix. It’s not good!

11pm - Pack my things for tomorrow

12pm - Make a little display for Jane Goodall, who we started today.

12:20pm - Lights off. Haven’t stuck to my bedtime plan - still on holiday time obviously!

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