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Update: New Job!

On Friday I went to my first job interview, a bundle of nerves but also excited to have the chance to talk about all things teaching with a rapt audience! The interview was not nearly is big and scary as I had built it up to be. The night before I had a mild panic that I hadn't attended interview webinars, signed up for mock interviews or bought the many 70+ paged interview 'guidebooks'...

It absolutely flew by and that afternoon, as I was sitting at my kitchen table pondering my job prospects, I got the call! It's a wonderful DEIS school and I'll have 6th class for the year. First day of school is Wednesday week and I'm thrilled/excited/nervous/confused all at the same time.

It feels very surreal that I have my own class. It took a lot of time and effort to get here, and yet in some ways this really just feels like the beginning! Into my new chapter as a NQT I go!

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