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School Placement Application

I often see people mention ringing schools first to find out if they're taking placements applications. Or even, pre-COVD, dropping into the school.

I'm really not a fan of phone calls, so I just couldn't bring myself to start ringing schools in order to find a placement! I used email for all my applications, and I'd do it again. I didn't receive a response from all schools, so that's a downside. At least if you ring them, you know straight away if they're not taking anyone else, and you're not left waiting for a response!

I wasn't quite sure where to start, so hopefully the below will help you! I emailed secretaries and attached a CV, Cover Letter and my Garda Vetting form from the college. You can find templates for all of this below.

Good luck! ✨


Keep a spreadsheet

I used a spreadsheet to keep track of who I'd emailed. It took a bit of internet sleuthing to find out the names of the secretaries and principles in the schools, but most of them can be found if you dig enough! It's a nice way to show that you've done your research, and makes it look less like you're emailing schools en masse.

The spreadsheet also helped me see who I was still waiting to hear back from, and it'll be useful for the next time I've to sort a placement as I'll know who I emailed before.


Cover Letter

I don't put too much information in the body of my email, I use the Cover Letter for this.

An idea for the structure is:

  1. Introduce yourself, explain why you're interested in their school in particular.

  2. Outline the details of the placement. Dates, subjects, class requirements etc.

  3. Show how you'd be a good fit, and could benefit the school whilst there.

  4. Outline any other relevant previous experience or skills

You can download this template by clicking on the below!

SP Cover Letter Template
Download DOCX • 14KB


I like to keep my CV nice and simple, so that all the important information can be seen at a glance. For me a picture is a must!

I include any previous experience working with children, whether it's in a school setting or not - maybe it's through volunteering or being a member of a Club.

If you already done a placement, or have done some subbing, you could include a 'School History' heading.

You can download this template by clicking on the below!

CV Template
Download DOCX • 41KB


Subject: Teaching Practice Placement Query

Hi (Secretary name),

My name is XXX, and I'm writing to enquire whether the school is taking students for teaching practice? 

If so, I would love to complete my placement at the school this January. I have attached a cover letter and CV which include all the relevant information.

Kind regards,



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