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Masters update: Eight months in.

Hi all!

Hope everyone had a peaceful Christmas, in whatever form it took this year.

A photo of a scrabble board, the words are all in the Irish language
Scrabble brought Scrabble as Ghaeilge to the Shine household!

For me December was quiet on the college front. Part of our Nua-Ghaeilge module was due on the 16th, an Irish essay on a short story, so once that was in I was free to be on my holidays! It was my first time writing an academic essay in Irish - it took around 3 days but was actually more manageable than expected. Obviously and played a big role! Foclóir was particularly handy because it gives you sentences relating to the topic you're searching.

Apart from working through the online sessions, I did almost no work in relation to my placement in January. My placement school rang just before they finished for Christmas to say that I wouldn't be with 5th class anymore but they they weren't 100% certain on what my new class would be, so I'm twiddling my thumbs a bit now! There's also the uncertainty about whether placement will happen at all, with the big increase of COVID-19 cases in recent days. I'm finding it difficult to get cracking into thinking about placement with the possibility of it being cancelled looming over it. I also have no idea what I will and won't be able to do in the classroom in terms of resources, pods, covid guidelines etc.

So I'm trying to keep flexible and roll with whatever comes. I can't control what class I get, or when I find out, and I definitely can't control whether the schools stay open or not! I'll organise my folders as much as I can, prep my bag and my outfits, brainstorm some lesson ideas etc. but I can't do too much planning until I have my week of observation and have the chance to meet the class and talk to the class teacher.

Provided placement does go ahead (we'll know next week), I very much feel like I'm stepping into the unknown. I know placement nerves are normal, and that there's only so much research and lectures can do to prepare you for the classroom, but it's a lot when it's coupled with a global pandemic.

Sending good wishes to anyone else gearing up for placement, and indeed all those set to return to schools on the 11th!


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