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Masters update: 9 months in.

I would say that this past month has been a rollercoaster ride, however that would imply that there were both ups and downs. In reality I'd liken it more to being on one of those drop tower rides, only every time we reach the bottom a trap door opens and we continue to plummet.

Essentially what I'm describing is our placement being postponed and ultimately cancelled altogether during this past month 😔

The reopening of schools was moved from the 6th of January to the 11th, and we all panicked because that was to be the first day of our placement and we worried about landing into a classroom on their first day back. We needn't have worried though because the schools never did reopen and our placement got postponed until the 1st of February.

The silver-lining was that I had more time to prepare for it, after having spent Christmas not doing any work... Unfortunately though my school then came back to say they couldn't facilitate me anymore with all the uncertainty. Cue a stressful week of trying to find a new school at only two weeks notice.

Again I needn't have worried because, again, schools haven't opened. This time though our placement has been cancelled. Or at least cancelled in terms of what placement usually is!

The new plan for February is that we'll be doing IFDs and lesson plans from home and uploading them on a weekly basis. We won't be doing any teaching so really we're creating lessons for an imaginary class. We also have to create some resources and we'll still be having a Zoom inspection to go through our work! Definitely not how I envisioned my first placement...

It's disappointing because, at this stage, I just really want to be in the classroom getting hands-on experience. I'd decided I wouldn't sub until I'd finished my first placement, but I've thrown that plan out the window now - looks like I'll need to sub to get any classroom experience!

Outside of worrying about placement...this month I've been using the unexpected (and rare!) free time to organise my notes, make resources and just generally get really on top of things. The weather has been very wet and miserable, so that's definitely contributed to me being tied to my desk all day long 🤦‍♀️

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