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How to get a Teaching Council number as a Student Teacher

Why get a Teaching Council number?

You'll need it in order to sub in schools and get paid!

Can I get it if I'm not qualified yet?

Yes! If you're not a qualified teacher you can register under Route-3. Only requirement for that route is that you have an undergrad degree, in any subject. You'll be given the number under the conditions that you complete your Masters within 3 years, however you can fill out an extension request form if you go past 3 years.


  • College transcripts (from your undergrad)

  • Signed character reference from one of the following: Head of School Placement of your college, Tutor from your college, School principal or CEO of an Education and Training Board, teacher registered with the Teaching Council in Ireland.

  • It costs €90, subsequent years are €65

How long does it take?

Mine took around a month, I know people who waited for two months. It's important to note that whenever you register will be the renewal time for you ever year for the rest of your teaching career. In other words, probably a good idea to try avoid doing it during the Summer!

Where to I register?

Application for a Teaching Council number is done online -> Click here


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