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How I organise college notes

For my first two modules I was really at sea when it came to my notes. I was always having to go back and rewatch lectures and look at session releases again, not the best use of my time. This was partly because I couldn't remember what content had information useful for the particular assignment, but also because I always had this feeling that I had missed some important information!

Between lectures, webinars and session releases there's a lot to take in at it can be easy to fall behind. Or at least it was before I put a system in place for all my note storing!

Do what works for you, but hopefully this gives you some ideas!


1. Folder per module

I have a big lever arch folder for each module. I label them with the subjects we're learning about in the module, as opposed to the module name. I'd hope that I'll refer to these notes in my future teaching career, and it's unlikely I'd remember what 'Ped 3' means in a few years time!

2. Keep a log

I make a log, like this one, for every module I do. It's the first sheet in the folder and lists all the session releases, lectures and webinars relating to the module. I tick off things once they're completed and the related notes have been added to the folder. That way my mind is at ease knowing that I'm on top of things!

3. Assessment Info

The first tab is where I keep any documents relating to the assignment; briefs, grading rubric etc. I also keep a sheet here where I write down any info from the assessment webinars. Sometimes assignment details change so if there's another webinar, I can easily refer back to what was said previously.

4. Subject tabs

Most of the modules contain a few subjects. For example Pedagogy 2 included Irish, English, Maths and ICT. I make a contents page with all the session releases for that subject. The number then corresponds with the number on the sticky tab where all the notes from that session are. You'll also notice that the sticky tab matches the colour of the divider, to make it extra easy to jump between the different subjects.

There's generally around 2 to 3 webinars on a particular subject, so I tab these as well and put these notes after the session releases. I number them starting from 1, so put their tabs at the bottom of the page to distinguish between session notes and webinar notes.

5. Feedback folder

I print out all the feedback I receive for assignments and keep it in a small folder, instead of the relevant module folder. By keeping them altogether, it means I can easily see if the same comments are cropping up. It's also useful to reference before submitting a new assignment.


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